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Thank you very much for your interest in SEO Guy Services but I we are currently not taking on any new clients. We do appreciate all the referrals we get on a daily basis from past and present customers but quite honestly, we are just way to busy with our largest web development company Real Estate Webmasters to take on any more work outside of the Real Estate Sphere.

Perhaps some recommendations from SEO Guy might help?

No need to feel stuck, there are plenty of great SEO companies out there - here are a few recommendations - worthy of note - I do NOT receive any gratuity nor am I engaged in a business relationship with any of the companies or individuals listed below - I just so happen to have had the pleasure of knowing them, and truly beleive I can vouch for their integrity and services.

Rand Fishkin - SEOMoz
Rand's reputation speaks for itself, and truly Rand has earned every accolade ever presented to him. He has been a true friend over the years, and he would likely be my first choice if I were looking to hire a professional SEO firm. Be warned, Rand's prices are equal to his level of service, and last I checked their monthly contract minimum for SEO services was $10,000 USD.

Jim Boykin - Webuildpages
I love Jim! And you will to - truly a great guy (Who also happens to know his way around the SEO world. I know he knows SEO, but I can't say I know alot about his current pricing or service model - so my recommendation is to give him a call or submit a contact form at his site, and find out if there is a potential fit for you there.

Truly a stand up individual. At first reading Knox's blog, you may be surprised by his choices for content - however if you actually take the time to read what he has to say, you will come to respect him as I have. He is creative, intelligent and has a handle on both SEO and reputation management.

That list should get you started - and best of luck to you. If you DO happen to be in Real Estate however, we encourage you to head on over to the Real Estate Webmasters Community and find out what was so great that I pretty much have retired from corporate SEO consulting.



We believe that a Search Engine Optimization Company should cater to the individual needs of the client and be readily available to handle any request at the drop of a hat. Our success is largely due to this tailored customer service, and to our commitment to be available any time for an SEO consultation.

Not accepting clients at this time - Thanks :)


The new Search Engine Optimization Forum is now online! The goal is to have a space where those interested in SEO techniques can learn from our knowledgeable staff of SEO Experts. We have long been praised for our free SEO Tutorial and our willingness to share information. We believe that this sharing of information will help our members to increase their rank, while our SEO clients come to understand the processes involved in attaining and maintaining high search engine ranking.

We hope you will join our SEO Forum and with our help soon you will be calling yourself an SEO Expert!

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