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Can anyone buy PageRank from Google? No!

Disclaimer: Google owns PageRank and it is a registered trademark of the Google Corporation. They do not sell PageRank, buy PageRank or have anyone else that is authorized to buy PageRank or sell PageRank.

Link popularity (in conjunction with PageRank, which was made popular by Google and its PageRank technology) is an important/essential part of any SEO campaign because it is a major factor in high search engine rankings. As you may know, having a high PageRank makes it much easier to rank for your keywords. Link popularity will continue to be an essential factor in top search engine rankings in the foreseeable future.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with seeking out relevant websites that might not be aware of yours and negotiating linking relationships that will be beneficial to both users' traffic flows, serps (search engine results pages) and visitors. Again, we do not BUY PAGERANK, we bring related websites together following Google's guidelines.

I have developed relationships with extremely well-respected websites (in virtually every industry) that also have both great exposure and HIGH PAGERANK! I will build link popularity for your website and solve the link popularity puzzle and will raise your search engine rankings with the aid of the PageRank boost.


Build your PageRank with credible sites

I build relevant and credible text links using anchor text containing your top keywords. Incoming links will come from high-ranking credible websites ONLY.
I NEVER use link farms or any other unethical practices that could penalize your website. My link popularity service does not require reciprocal links - you don't have to link back!

My link popularity service will build links and PageRank to your website QUICKLY. For Google's explanation of the importance of incoming links to your website, please visit: www.google.com/technology/index.html

To learn more about my link popularity building service, please call me 9am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time. (250)-753-9893

Or simply send me an email at seoguy@seo-guy.com

Don't sweat lost PageRank. I can help you get it back.




The new Search Engine Optimization Forum is now online! The goal is to have a space where those interested in SEO techniques can learn from our knowledgeable staff. We have long been praised for our free SEO Tutorial and our willingness to share information. We believe that this sharing of information will help our members to increase their rank, while our SEO clients come to understand the processes involved in attaining and maintaining high search engine ranking.

We hope you will join our SEO Forum.

SEO On and Off Page Criteria - The first lesson in SEO optimization is to plan a two fold strategy

SEO for your target market - SE Optimization helps identify your target market

SEO and Keyword research - A good SEO knows to start with Keyword Research

SEO for Search engine Friendliness - SEO "Search Engine Optimization" is appealing to the algorithms

SEO - optimize your visible text - Keyword density : proximity and placement still very important for SEO

SEO - Optimize yourheader - Titles and descriptions are a staple part of any SEO consultant services

SEO - touch up your optimization - Touch up your SEO by optimizing your images and onpage anchors

SEO Inbound links and pagerank - Pagerank is Google's foundation every SEO should take advantage of inbound links and pagerank

SEO - Avoid frames on Java and flash - When you SEO a website, consider things like javascript and flash - no frames

Summary of SEO optimization to go


Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

An SEO Consultant should never hide behind phrases like "I cannot reveal my proprietary SEO techniques" when asked what SEO work he plans on doing to a client site. As a professional SEO consultant, I freely share my knowledge and advice with any novice webmaster who would like to learn the art of SEO. If you are an aspiring webmaster looking to learn more about SEO, check out SEO Guy's Free SEO Tutorial.

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SEO Forum
Come visit our well-established SEO Forum. If you are looking for Tools to track rankings or resources and articles about SEO, you will find a great collection of search engine fodder for your SEO cannon in my Search Engine Optimization -"SEO" resources. I have also included links to the top SEO forums on the internet so that you can learn S-E-O as so many others have: (From other SEO optimization experts.)

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