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For an SEO Company to be able to run a successful promotional campaign for your website, they should at least have a decent SEO Ranking of their own. How can your SEO Company claim that they can perform for you if they cannot perform for themselves, right?

Here is where we at SEO Guy Services put our money where our mouth is! Below you will see the top 3 SEO related keywords that are relevant to our industry, with regards to traffic volume per day from the Overture and Wordtracker databases. This top 3 is our way of showing that we know what we are doing; we can do it in the SEO industry and we can do it for you!

Inventory Overture Traffic Rankings as of May 3rd 2004
seo company 335.8 /day
seo services 160.0 /day
seo optimization 119.2 /day

*Both SEO Cleveland and Danny SEO are omitted as they are not relevant to SEO Guy Services Ltd.

Wordtracker Traffic Rankings as of May 3rd 2004
seo company 260.0 /day
seo services 114.0 /day
seo expert 92.0 /day

We encourage you to go to any search engine you like and type in the TOP 3 keywords for our field. We guarantee that we are on the first page for all of them. Google and Yahoo are where the traffic is, so you might want to start there. ;-)

Why don't we include SEO in our list of top keywords, you may ask? The answer is simple: SEO as a keyword phrase produces a large volume of traffic that has absolutely nothing to do with an SEO Company, SEO Rankings or anything else. This is because SEO is an acronym for so many other things such as "Sociedad Espanola de Ornitologia" which as you can see is completely irrelevant to Search Engine Marketing or the successful promotion of your website. In fact, if you check out the Google results, roughly 50% of the searches returned from the first page are not in English. But hey, if you still want to check out our rankings in Google and Yahoo for "SEO", be our guest.

First page Rankings in Yahoo for the KW "SEO"

First page rankings in Google for the KW "SEO"

Honestly, in the SEO profession the old adage "the proof is in the pudding" takes on a whole new meaning.

If you would like to have a free SEO consultation with one of our search engine optimization specialists, call 1-250-751-2447 or request a SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION QUOTE.


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Summary of SEO optimization to go

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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

An SEO Consultant should never hide behind phrases like "I cannot reveal my proprietary SEO techniques" when asked what SEO work he plans on doing to a client site. As a professional SEO consultant I freely share my knowledge and advice to any novice webmaster that would like to learn the art of SEO. If you are an aspiring webmaster looking to learn more about SEO check out SEO Guy's Free SEO Tutorial

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All SEO Guy SEO Services are offered in accordance with "ethical" SEO practices whether you decide to use my Full Service SEO Company or you take advantage of my SEO consultant service I guarantee that you will find my SEO Services are second to none. In fact I encourage you to compare both my SEO and search engine ranking results and SEO prices with other SEO firms you will find that my SEO prices are.

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