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Check your Search engine positioning (SERPS) on Yahoo, Google, All The Web. MSN and Hotbot. How does my SERPS Tool work? Its simple, just enter your keyword/keyword phrase into the "Keyword" submit box, then enter your URL (Website Address into the field labeled "Your URL" and finally specify the "Page Depth" this variable tells the spider how far to go page wise before giving up tryign to find your rank. If you are not in the serps within "X" specified pages then the message "There is no information for your query" will come up. It doesn't really mean there is no information for your serps, it just means that you don't rank for that keyword within your specified page depth.

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I haven't added a SERPS comparison feature yet but its in the works so soon you will be able to see how your sites serps stack up against the competition, if you have any suggestions on how the SERPS Tool can be improved or you have any questions please stop by our SEO Tools Forum

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