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The optimization you can see

From the last page you learned that each page of your site is going to target a maximum of 3 search phrases (keyword phrases). I will now cover how to write these pages.

Think headings

The H1, H2 ...H6 tags are given special relevancy weight, and by virtue of this logic "if something has an entire paragraph labeled and dedicated to it, it must be important" man I love logic!

It is for this reason that you should plan to integrate your keywords into your heading, you don't have to go extreme just use one H1 for your most important keyword and two H2's, one for each or your secondary keyword phrases.

Also it is not necessary to try to find ways to use H4,H5,H6 as they are not weighted heavily enough to consider. In fact I only use them in my external css file so that I can avoid color font and size tags altogether in my text.

Be the first in line

You should try to get your main keyword phrases as high up in your source code as possible this is again for a logical reason, the logic being "the higher up a word or phrase is in the body of a document the more important it must be." Again ya gotta love logic.

Here is an example of what your page should look like:

Heading with most important keyword

This is the paragraph where your most important keyword should be and if it makes sence try to get your second and third most important keywords in as well here.

Either One of your 2 minor keywords

In this paragraph repeat the above pattern of 1st 2nd and 3rd most important keywords and as you can see bolding and italicizing them at least once doesn’t hurt and actually gives you a very small boost ( recommended but don’t go bolding every keyword on the page) and don't forget to repeat another H2 for your third keyword phrase.

Now that you have each of your keywords in your body text at least once feel free to finish writing your page in a logical manner but try to sprinkle your keywords throughout the center of the document.

Once you reach the final paragraph this is a good time to "rinse and repeat" step one as without the headings. Try to write a keyword rich last paragraph as spiders pay particular attention to the beginning and then the end of the document.

The reason for this (GO LOGIC) is that if you started off a document talking about a certain subset of topics and you are still talking about them at the end of a document then THEY MUST BE IMPORTANT and search results try to reflect this. It is a bit like trying to write a Thesis statement and then trying to write a conclusion that reiterates the main points covered. Now isn't this easy.

Keyword Density

The final point on visible text is keyword density. Simply stated keyword density is the number of occurrences of a keyword divided by the total word count. For this I try to keep my initial density to between 3-7% however this number may have to change depending on the level of competition.

Also be warned that the text used in anchors <a href="page.html">this is your anchor text </a> effects your density. Don't worry if your initial density is lower than that of your competitors as you will learn later in this article there are many ways to effect your keyword density other than placing your keywords in your visible text.

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