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SEO Guy Services also offers comprehensive web design solutions for small medium and large scale projects. As you can see from our own website, we know a thing or two about flash, and dynamic website developement. In fact we can custom tailor a website to fit your needs and all for a reasonable price!

Some of our more recent works include Our flagship website, it is something we have worked very hard on and are very proud of. A custom hacked vBulletin with unique icos and temaplates. Focus is on real estate agents who are trying to improve their websites rankings.

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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

An SEO Consultant should never hide behind phrases like "I cannot reveal my proprietary SEO techniques" when asked what SEO work he plans on doing to a client site. As a professional SEO consultant I freely share my knowledge and advice to any novice webmaster that would like to learn the art of SEO. If you are an aspiring webmaster looking to learn more about SEO check out SEO Guy's Free SEO Tutorial

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Come visit our recently launched SEO Forum, If you are looking for Tools to track rankings or resources and articles about SEO, you will find a great collection of search engine fodder for your seo cannon in my Search Engine Optimization - "SEO" resources. I have also included links to the top SEO forums on the internet so that you can learn S-E-O as so many others have: (From other SEO optimization experts)

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